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A collective of international artists with a focus on beautiful textile creations, we support artists from many countries including Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, and India.

Bibi Hanum


Bibi Hanum is a socially responsible enterprise that creates

garments and accessories using traditional hand-woven

silk/cotton ikat fiber. Its mission is to provide economic

opportunities for women while preserving Uzbekistan’s rich

cultural heritage.


Having worked since 2006 Bibi Hanum has been able to

provide work for over fifty women who live in Tashkent,

Ferghana Valley and Navoi region. Without the hard work of

these women Bibi Hanum’s exquisite clothing and beautiful

home decor would not be possible. In 2015 Bibi Hanum

opened its brand new store combining its workshop in the

old city of Tashkent - Chorsu.


Bibi Hanum creates new seasonal collections which range

from luxury traditional kaftans to contemporary high end

fashion garments. The clothes are designed incorporating

traditional crafts of Uzbekistan artisans such as suzani

embroiderers and ikat weavers. Each season Bibi Hanum

presents its customers with new collections made with new

ikat designs and unique combinations of embroidery



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