About Laura

I began designing clothes when I designed and made a prom gown for myself at age 14. I grew up being encouraged by my mother to be creative throughout my childhood with painting, sewing and various other pursuits of art! After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York in 1977, I began my career on Seventh Avenue working as an assistant to several prominent designers. In 1987, I developed the custom design room at the Gallery of Wearable Art and remained there for 10 years. This period inspired my interest in using antique fabrics and historical design elements.

Now, I am exploring the ethnic fabrications of the world particularly of central and far east Asia, and creating wonderful collections of coats, jackets and tunics. I have been upcycling saris, quilts, embroideries and fine weavings from India, Uzbekistan and Laos to name a few. Many of the pieces I create are one of kind and have amazing details that you won't want to miss seeing!

You will see many references to fashion history in my designs whether it is a corset from the 19th century or sensuous bias draping from the 1930’s. Graphic designs are taken right from the pages of history to make the silk screens for my fine hand printed garments and devore velvets. 

My standards are extremely high and you can count on me to create one of the most beautiful garments that you have ever worn. I endeavor to price items fairly and I will give you the highest level of service that can be experienced when you purchase a creation from my store.

I moved to Santa Fe in 1998, where I enjoy the diverse community of artists and big open vistas that continue to inspired me in my life. Owning a creative store and creating the inventory for it, has been quite a journey and I continue to enjoy bringing beautiful creations from my Atelier as well as from all around the world to offer to you, my client!   Thank you for supporting an artisan owned and operated Atelier here in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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