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Our Gorgeous collection of handcrafted shawls and scarves from many faraway parts of the world! We have an amazing collection of shawls/scarves of cotton, silk, wool, and pure pashmina. Many are hand-dyed, hand embroidered, hand-spun, handwoven and many are a combination of all of the above! We pride ourselves on finding the finest examples of beautiful "hand made" that is available in the world. We hope that you will find a treasure in this collection that will sing to your heart and that you will treasure forever. Happy Hunting!

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Hand Block Printed Mulberry Silk Scarf

Crafted by using an Indian hand blocking technique named Bagh Printing, the gorgeous rich colors of this scarf are achieved through the use of natural dyes. Geometric and floral motifs are hand carved into wooden blocks and are then laboriously applied to the fabric, creating a continuous intricate pattern. As a result, subtle variations in printing and color is natural.

Measures 72" x 20".

Printed on mulberry silk (a smooth, flat, matte hand).

Handmade by Mohammed Bilal Khatri in Gujurat, India.

$115 US
Style#: Mulberry2
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