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A diverse selection of jackets fabricated from hand-woven ikat, piano shawls, upcycled saris, kantha quilts, hand-embroidered suzanis, and many more!

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Peruvian Ruana

A beautiful handwoven ruana produced by The Center of Traditional Textiles of Cusco. It was founded in 1996 to rescue, promote, and spread knowledge of traditional Peruvian textiles. Through investigative works and documentation of styles, techniques, and designs; the Center helps to preserve ancient textile traditions for future generations. Currently the CTTC works with 10 weaving communities that have improved their quality of live through the sale of their textiles, skill building workshops, and programming for the youth.

90% Sheep Wool
10% Alpaca
100% Natural dyed.

Although this version has been sold, more colors are currently available in the store. We can send you photos of our current options if you are interested!

$850 US
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