Exotic one-of-a-kind jewelry from San Francisco-based designer Masha Archer will add a bold pop of color to your wardrobe.

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Brass Terrace #7 A Metal Mountain Series ($2475)

Four strand oval collar of brass and white brass granulate floral rings from Tibet. Four sided twists of American acrylic and smaller black onyx twists from China. Aluminum banded mineral pitch (a natural asphalt) from the African bead trade. Small black rounds of Argentinian jet (a form of carbon). Cut and polished in China. Tiny black drops of American acrylic, lead-free pewter (30% silver). Openwork end beads depicting floral motifs from India.

Plated furnishings and Two Sisters pocket watch clasp - USA.

Coin: ten kopeks, 2002 - Russia.

Designed by Masha Archer.

$2,475 US
Style#: OBR-M5P
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