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Our Gorgeous collection of handcrafted shawls and scarves from many faraway parts of the world! We have an amazing collection of shawls/scarves of cotton, silk, wool, and pure pashmina. Many are hand-dyed, hand embroidered, hand-spun, handwoven and many are a combination of all of the above! We pride ourselves on finding the finest examples of beautiful "hand made" that is available in the world. We hope that you will find a treasure in this collection that will sing to your heart and that you will treasure forever. Happy Hunting!

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Embroidered Kashmiri Fringe Shawl

Hand embroidered Kashmiri Triangle shawl with long 14" fringe.

Ecru with white embroidery and fringe.

Hand embroidered mulberry silk on pashmina wool of traditional floral patterns. Floral motifs have been used in Kashmir embroideries for many generations. All of the shawls we sell are one of a kind and hand embroidered, which shows the artist's hand in their creation. These are truly works of art and to be cherished for your lifetime.

$675 US
Style#: KSMRFRGShwl
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