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Hand Block Printed Ajrakh Kota Cotton Scarf

Ajrakh is a hand block-printed textile that is resist-dyed using natural dyes. It is made by the Khatris of Kachchh, Gujarat, India and is distinguished by its color and complex geometric patterns.

Its name is derived from azrak, "blue" in Arabic and Persian, or from the Kachchhi expression, "keep it today". Ajrakh is a legacy of textile production in Western India that goes back over 400 years to the early civilizations of the Indus Valley.

Much skill and patience is necessary to make ajrakh. there are between 14-16 different stages of dyeing and printing, which take 2-3 weeks to complete. The resulting cloth is soft against the skin and jewel-like in appearance.

A fine example of sustainable fashion, the use of natural dyes and recycled materials such as scrap iron in the production process does not adversely affect the environment. Water is recycled several times during the printing process and is finally released for agricultural irrigation, chemical-free. Production involves no machinery; it is entirely manual, and provides steady employment for local craftspeople.

100% kota cotton (textured and sheer)

Measures 21 x 80".

$89 US
Style#: KOTA101
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