Festival Bags, Mini bags, Crossbody Small handbags, Satchel Bag….this collection of handbags will be the most interesting handbags in your collection! Silk Petit Point from Uzbekistan, individually designed and hand made, lined in silk ikat, handwoven straps and tassels, gorgeous and everyone of them individual and unique! Soon you will find yourself collecting all of the sizes and designs! Very limited edition and one of a kind.

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Black And White Hand Embroidered Suzani Tote (Bibi101)

Gorgeous black and white hand embroidered tote bag. Stitched using a suzani technique from Uzbekistan. Suzani, of or pertaining to the needle in Persian, is a textile art originating from Central Asia. Stitching combinations include chain, satin, and buttonhole with an extensive use of couching. Vivid rich motifs include pomegranates, trees of life, tulips, irises, medallions, and birds.

Measures 15" height, 14.5" width, 4" depth, 20 x 1.75" leather straps. Has 7 x 4" pocket in lining. Snap closure.

Front: Silk thread on silk and cotton fabric.
Back: Silk and cotton ikat fabric.

Handmade in Uzbekistan.

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$215 US
Style#: Bibi101: B&W
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