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Reversible Saami Embroidered Kantha Jacket

An upcycled reversible kantha-stitched jacket, made from a Saami Ralli quilt made by the nomadic Saami who travel the regions of the Thar Desert in their yearly migrations between Iran and India, mostly along the India/Pakistan border.

Made from recycled cotton cloth that has been hand dyed and layered much like regular Kantha quilts, Saami rallis are readily identified by their intricate, multi-colored stitching over a solid background, typically in a concentric rectangular pattern. Folk embroidery of this kind is a centuries-old tradition among nomadic tribes, with much time taken in the hard life of the tribal women for the preparation of a bride’s dowry.

Size Medium.

Length: 32" front with 42" back
Bust: up to 40"
Hip: up to 46"
Sleeve: up to 30 1/2"
Bicep: 14 1/2"

Handmade in India.

$675 US
Style#: Reversible Saami Embroidered Kantha Jacket
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