This is a Collection of Corsets that has been influenced by and adapted from historical designs for fit as well as design. I have created these corsets to be worn as bodices that can be worn a myriad of ways. They can be worn with various skirts to form a gown or cocktail dress. Or, you can mix up the look and wear them with pants or jeans and have some fun with them! These corsets can be made from your choice of various embroideries, silks, brocades, trims and laces. You can choose a lace-up back (this gives you the ability to manipulate the figure the best) or hook-up back which gives a clean finish. If you are a “corset person” you will love this collection and it’s possibilities. Speak with us about what can be made just for you!

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Julia Red, Purple And Emerald Upcycled Sari Corset

This is particular sari corset has been sold, however, it is an example of what can be done with other vintage saris that ewe have in our collection. If you are interested, we can send photos of other sari colors and make a custom sari corset to your measurements and color preferences.

$2,850 US
Style#: Sari Corset
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