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Our Gorgeous collection of handcrafted shawls and scarves from many faraway parts of the world! We have an amazing collection of shawls/scarves of cotton, silk, wool, and pure pashmina. Many are hand-dyed, hand embroidered, hand-spun, handwoven and many are a combination of all of the above! We pride ourselves on finding the finest examples of beautiful "hand made" that is available in the world. We hope that you will find a treasure in this collection that will sing to your heart and that you will treasure forever. Happy Hunting!

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Forest Green Silk And Wool Felted Shawl From Kyrgyzstan

A unique silk and wool felted shawl from Kyrgyzstan, created using a technique called ala-kiyis. Extremely labor-intensive, complex cutting and stitching is coupled with multiple soakings, rollings, and rinsings. The result is a durable, distinctive textile. Measures 25" x 79". Single layer.

$120 US
Style#: M7SIS101
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